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by Martin


Why do you think this is special, Martin?

Last week I shared with you why I killed my five-digit online business to focus on my new coaching program “ONLINE BUSINESS MADE EASY”. I told you to bookmark September 1st and to watch this space for more information. I further told you about a totally new approach. Weekly content, fresh and live.

What to say? Technology let me down that day. When I woke up last Tuesday morning, I noticed immediately something: The internet was down, again. Before I forget, I love Vodafone.

If you’re following me already for a while, you know what’s next: Find a solution. So I instantly switched over on my iPhone from Wi-Fi to 4G and, nothing. The mobile network was gone too, again.

Things you can’t change you have to accept.

This is what I learned long back, so let’s carry on.

I postponed the kick-off by one week and managed to inform everyone who had already registered. How, without the internet? I called (yes, we still have an old fashion landline) one o f my VA’s and asked her to inform everyone accordingly.

Back to the original question, why I think this is so special?

While doing the actual work for my clients, I learned a lot about my ideal clients’ pinpoints, how they think, work, what they like, and what don’t. And guess what, I had that ‘aha’ moment one day: “What my ideal client is looking for is an integral approach on how to start, grow and scale their online business, provided by a person they trust, like, and feel like them.”

That’s me! Exactly my approach. Everything I do is listening to my clients, pick them up where they are (business and emotional wise), and to propose the best end-to-end solution for them, with the end result in mind.

That’s it! This is why so many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. Most out there in the market keeps telling us to use this tool for email marketing, or that process for Facebook Ads, but what isn’t easily accessible is how to approach a certain process end-to-end.

What I mean by this is holistically. Define the goal, the ultimate outcome, assess the current state, processes, and tools, and propose an integral strategy on how to get from the current to the desired stage. Which tools to use. Which processes to follow. Which strategy to pick. Everything in one integral approach.

And this is what I’m going to do now. Every week. Live and in color (sorry, funny German expression translated word by word).

So what to expect now?

Every Tuesday at 11 am CET, I will go live (I have some exciting plans to start with a new platform for me here as well).

We will have 60 minutes together. All about the end in mind. We will start with the defining what we want to achieve with a certain process, and make our way reverse engineering from there.

I will show you the proven strategies on how to achieve your goal, what tools you need, and what processes to follow.

After we have ‘unpeeled’ the strategy, we will zoom into every step on the process where I will show you exactly what you should do to achieve your goal.

In the final step, we will look in-depth into every tool you will need within the above process, what are the top 3 out there, which one to pick and why, where to get it, how to get started.

Knowing me, we might need more than 60 minutes at times, but hey, I will do my level best to stick to the schedule. In the worst case, you will have free access to the full recording for a limited amount of time.

How to sign-up for free?

Simply visit this website and register for free:

When you join you will learn more about how to find your true passion and business idea, my process, all my secret productivity hacks, and very personal tips & tricks all-around online business success.

Can’t wait to see you inside!

Until next time,


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