What’s easier, remembering one or ten?

by Martin

What’s easier, remembering one or ten?

Not growing your following because of this? Do you really want to continue to live like this?

Do you also hate writing because of all these passwords, different platforms and tech involved? I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been where you are now.

I have been holding back sharing my thoughts, ideas, and tipps far too long, like you. Why? Because I got totally stressed out about how to format the blog post correctly, how to get it into my email automation software, and the six different social media platforms gave me the rest. Remembering all these passwords, processes, reformatting images, text, hashtags, links (and the list goes on), simply killed my creativity. 


Why I never give up finding the best solution?

So I did nothing. Just sad there and dreamed about what could be possible when sharing what I had to share. How successful I could be by building an awesome following of like minded people, like you.

For 18 month, I had all these content ideas I wanted to share with the world. I had them all written down in Evernote. All sorted in sequence, so one did build up on the other. I even invested into a virtual assistant to do all this “post-processing” for me, so I could focus on what I loved doing, writing.

While my virtual assistant was simply amazing, I wanted to find a less expensive way to achieve the same. “Why change?”, you might ask.

That’s an excellent question. Two reasons:

  1. Not everyone in my community could effort investing into a virtual assistant, and
  2. I wanted to find a “smarter” solution, an automated one.


Why being part of a community is so valuable?

Researching for quite some time, I found a couple of solutions, but after testing them all, none really satisfied me. There had always been an issue. Either too complicated, too expensive, not having the functionality I wanted, or simply not working with the other tech tools in a way I wanted it.

I send a message to the universe: “Give me a sign!” 

And you know what, it did, I mean the universe. 

I happened to have a call with one of my fellow students Judith talking about her upcoming Blogging course. Here the sign! I asked her: “How do you post your blog to social media the easy way?”Blog2Social”, she said.


I looked it up right after the call, and BANG!, exactly what I was searching for for so long.

With Blog2Social you can automatically share your blog posts onto over 10 different social media platforms within a matter of minutes. You can decide if you want to share your blog post now or schedule it out into the future. As easy as that.

And even more, you only need to remember one password, instead of 10+ as you link all your social media accounts with Blog2Social only once.

I went on and tested it from top to bottom, and what can I say, it simply does what it’s designed for to do. It AUTOMATE’S YOURSELF!. As simple as that.


Stop accepting things the way they are! Change is good!

Can you imagine this feeling of accomplishment, calmness, and satisfaction? Not only could I focus on the writing again, no, I knew the whole social media posting pain was taken away from me.

No more remembering all these passwords, different platform processes, resizing of images, reformatting of text, hashtags, links etc.

Simply writing my blog post in WordPress, activating the Blog2Social feature right within the post, selecting for each social media platform at which day and time the post should be published, and done. What a great feeling.


Do you want to get your time back to enjoy writing instead of sitting in front of your keyboard, preparing these social media posts manually?

Reach out today and start to automate yourself!




P.S. Let the automation take care of your business


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