Did you know you can start an online business for $50 a month?

by Martin


“I would love to start my own online business, but I can’t afford it!”

You can not imagine how often I have heard this excuse already.

We humans are excellent in finding external forces holding us back from following our dreams because of the potential risk involved.

Regardless of this is a real or perceived risk.

When do you know you are ready?

Are you still in overthinking mode? Do you still make yourself believe you are not ready? There are so many valid reasons why you can’t start your online business, at least that’s what you think.

Let me tell you the truth!

Are you ready to receive it?

You are ready NOW!

You are as ready today as you were yesterday and you will be tomorrow. One of the biggest regrets every online business owner has is that they have not started earlier. If you truly want to have your very own online business, you are ready to start.

All you need is to make a decision. A decision to start today. A decision what business niche to focus on. A decision which tool to use.

Honestly, the most important decision to make for you today is to get started, NOW!

Now you’re going to tell me, ok, after I’ve got clarity on my true passion and the corresponding business idea, I know what my online business will be focusing on. I know that I will start my own business in parallel to my day job, at least until I can replace my day job income with my online business.

Needs vs. wants?

But there is so much more to start an online business. I need a website, software, email marketing, bookkeeping etc. etc.

Don’t worry. This is the easy part.

Let me tell you a secret: “It doesn’t really matter which tool you start with.”

The most important decision is to make one. Spend as little time as possible on this topic. Just pick one and go with it. Make your first experiences to learn what you and your online business truly need, and invest in the solution right for you at that later stage.

I’m a huge fan of simplicity and fast decision-making.

Because of my true passion in life, online business technology, I spend a lot of time testing various tools and software solutions out there.

I’m on a mission to help passionate entrepreneurs like you to build your very own online business faster and with ease.

I love technology and have built a list for you with the only tools you NEED when starting out, vs. what you might believe you WANT.

Everything I recommend here is tested by me, not only as standalone, even more important is to test what we call in IT ‘interoperability’, meaning, will all these tools work seamlessly together.

So you not only get the best ROI (return-on-investment) on the tools I’m proposing, you can also be ensured they will work together well.

Here a list of tools essential when you are starting out!


Cost per month

 Google Fonts Library


 Color Scheme Generator


 Logo & Brand Design Library


Bluehost Website Management Software


Website Design Templates


Google G-Suite Office Software


Canva Graphic Design Software


Asana Project & Task Management Software


Evernote Note Taking Software


 ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Software


Online Accounting Software


Zoom Video Conferencing & Webinar Software


Calendly Online Calendar Software





Please see this blog post for all details and the direct links to these tools:

15 Essential Tools For Online Business Success in 2020

Until next time,


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